Debt Management in a Nutshell

Debt management is an easy process in UK, where you can contact a reputed and reliable UK debt management firm, and they will take care of your diversified debts single handedly. In short debt handling has been simplified many times here, and you can get help from a good debt help company in different ways, if you are struggling to pay your debts due to any reason.

The diversified loans of my father

I never knew all these facts, but came to know them gradually when my father went to a UK debt management company to sort out his debts which are diversified at several organizations. He used to take loans for his business, and always had one or the other loan going one. But he never liked the idea of diversified debts though his profession led him to take those. Therefore he always looked for ways to eliminate the diversification, and applied to the same company for a new loan. However the same company often do not pass a new loan to an existing debtor, and he also didn’t get lucky with those applications generally.

How a debt management group helped

Ultimately he talked to one of the most reputed services in out city about management of his loans, and got professional help from a reputed UK debt management company. They told him not to worry about his loans, as henceforth they will take the charge of timely payment of instalments to all the companies he had to pay. This was really good and helpful. That’s because my father had to take so many responsibilities and worries that it was getting difficult for him to manage all things, and then pay the loan EMIs on time too by keeping track of all dates and billing cycles etc.

With the takeover of the duty by the debt management group, the worries were over, and father paid only the collective loan amount to the group, and then they distributed the amount in needed fragments to all the creditors to facilitate the job of my father.

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Debt management had never been a problem for me till I faced huge economic crises two years back.

The crises then made me take several loans one after another, which I am still paying the monthly EMIs of. But life has changed a lot since then, and has take lots of twist and turns.

I was working as a professor in a college here at UK, and was doing fine. Life was good, and I was really making great. My salary is decent enough, and I make a good living from it while supporting a family of four. The problem that I got into just 2 years back was not at all related to the job or the family.

The incident

I was driving home back from my college, and met a road accident. It was dusk, and I couldn’t see the road well in the twilight. Probably my eyes were giving trouble from that time with a bad vision problem. I still didn’t know that I had problems with the eyes, and was pretty confident that I was ok. But that day, I got a real bad lesson, as I was struggling to see through the dusky light, and ran over a person. This was dangerous, and I was shivering with fear and agony. A crowd rushed and found out that the person was alive but badly injured.

I rushed to the hospital by taking him on my car, and found out that there were lots if fractures on the body, and some serious injuries which all needed immediate treatment. My insurance company would pay for such a case, but looking at the injuries of the person, I understood quite well that the cost my insurance company would pay will not be enough for the treatment, and that I will have to bear it.

How I got so many debts

I didn’t hesitate, and immediately applied for a payday loan to supply funds for the treatment. Then I fell into legal issues brought about by the family of the injured, and need more money for the bail etc. This way, I fell from one problem to another, and went on tangling myself in debt. After about 2 months of treatment in the hospital the person recovered, and could go home. But bearing medical expenses for totally hospital stayed treatment was enough for me to spend all my savings for this. But I didn’t let that happen, and didn’t touch my savings at all. My savings came from my hard earned money, and those were all I had, and I didn’t want to use them. Instead I took several loans as and when required to meet the hospital expenses.

Later when the person recovered, went back to home, and I was back to my daily life, I realized that I had taken too many small loans which I needed to take care of carefully and pay the bills on time, so that I am never penalized for late payment or forgetting payment at all. It was then that I decided to take the service of a UK debt management company to get some help.

How the debt UK management company helped

When In contacted the debt management company, they told me that they needed to know all details of my creditors, the loan amounts, tenure and all. When I gave them all details, they made reports covering all details collectively, and they said that they will take the collective money from me every month, and will then disburse the amount to the separate creditors. That is how they will take care of the debts, and in return I will have to pay them a small service fee. Thus I started getting the services, and till date I never ever think of the debt payments every month, and simply leave it to the experts.

Debt Management Is Just a Step Away With a Good UK Debt Management Company

Being totally tied in debt I decided to think of a way which could help me manage all the debts together. The challenge I faced with my debts was that, I just could not manage them together. I took on lent small and medium amounts at different times from various organizations, and I was paying almost 6 different EMIs each month to all the different organizations.

My payment related concerns

Naturally I had to keep all the calculations in my mind regarding the debts. When to pay, how much to pay, whom to pay, how to pay, what if I didn’t pay, al these things always cluttered in my mind. Moreover, the dates of payments were also not the same, with each one having a different monthly cycle and date of payment. Thus it all kept me quite perplexed, and often I missed paying one or the other on time, and then had to fill in the penalty for late payment at the next bill.

This was making it too much on me. Already I spent much of mu time in several tensions, like growing kids and growing responsibilities, ailing parents, a demanding wife and more. Then there were office tensions that ripped me apart everyday. Thus I felt totally spent up at the end of a day, and felt energy less, and could not process more calculations with my tired mind.

How I found a way out

One day I was talking to a few colleagues in an office gathering, where people were talking about their problems, debts, money saving tips and other concerns. There someone was telling about this remarkable way to manage debts. He said that, there are companies who are of debt help. If you seek their professional service, they make a list of all your debts, and monthly payouts which you need to send at different places at different dates. Then they calculate your outstanding every month, and ask you to pay the collective amount which you would have paid separately, to the them. Once you pay them the amount, they manage your debts and you can forget about paying fractions of debts here and there.

To me the service seemed really well, quite reasonable, and a great way to begin freshly with all your debts concentrated at one account. As I knew about these kind of services, I inquired on UK debt management in my area, and instantly got a reputed company which manages the same.

I opted for the service of a reputed UK debt management service

After I contacted them, I came to know, that I will have to pay a small processing fee for the transaction every month, and they will take care of the rest on my behalf. I was really happy to get such a service in my area, and thus contacted them for service. In a few days my finance was sorted. The UK debt management group came to my rescue, and took all my headaches.

Now I live freely and just need to pay once in a month to the debt help service. Then they distribute the money to all my creditors, and I even do not think of who got the money at what time, and never have to calculate the penalties for forgetting bill cycles anymore. I live my life, and leave this segment to my debt management company who does it all for a small processing fee. Being one of the most repute companies in my city, I completely rely on them for all my debt related concerns, and they have even given the assurance that if I take more loans, they will take that amount into the calculation as well and include that in their service too.